Sustainable Energy Projects Consultancy

National and regional benefits of clean energy projects in Sub-Saharan Africa

Among other socio-economic benefits, innovations that develop sources clean renewable energy in Sub-Saharan Africa will spawn: 

(i) job creation jobs which will in turn raise people's incomes; (ii) improved people's health as a result of using less pollutant cooking fuel; (iii) help businesses operate more efficiently; 

(iv) easier delivery of healthcare and education services that rely on electricity; 

(v) reduction in carbon emissions; 

(vi) creation of additional capacity from renewable energy sources; and 

(vii) increase power production from renewable energy sources.

Simba Development Consultants (SDC) Energy Project Consulting for Africa

Entrepreneurs, communities and businesses all stand to benefit from cleaner, cheaper, more reliable and renewable sources of energy, so as to have access to electricity as well as experience fewer power outages. ADC acts as an adviser and interlocutor for energy project development finance and/or project funding. We are affiliated to major finance and funding consortia in EU, North America and Asia 

SDC is affiliated to regional funding, financing, and development consortia in the European Union, North America and Asia that have a common goal to promote renewable energy initiatives in Sub-Saharan Africa. SDC is proud to be part of this transformative effort to harnessing, accelerate and scale up Africa's huge renewable energy potential.

Sustainable energy projects in Sub-Saharan Africa

Simba Development Consultants (SDC) believes that investing in sustainable energy projects in Africa can catalyze private sector investments, and that boosting renewable energy and promoting access to energy efficiency markets will stimulate a transformative transition to more inclusive and green growth in Africa. SDC is proud to be a part of the delivery vehicle for funding and financing deals on energy projects for Africa. 

SDC's advisory services include: Technical Services (proposal development); Finance and Business Plan preparation; policy advising on Regulatory Approvals; advising on (where and how) to Access Project Finance (Grant and Debt Sourcing); and advising on Project Implementation & Monitoring.