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Nairobi City in Kenya, East Africa

Business Advising and Representation

If your organization wishes to have a presence in East Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and DRC Congo) or the adjoining regions including south and central Africa, Simba Development Consultants (SDC) which has regional offices in Nairobi, Kenya can represent international companies which are looking to penetrate the eastern central and southern African markets. We will market your brand, elevate and highlight your company profile on the ground and act as the central point of contact in the region. 

SDC will become the center of your target market, as it helps create, nurture and develop a network and brand within the space. We have the necessary experience, expertise and clout to drive your sales and business development strategies. We' will also search for key partners who will help your company to achieve your set market penetration objectives. We offer a unique and tailored service to international companies that are considering venturing into the African market. We can help you decide on the best approach into to the African market.

Our extensive experience in sales and business development in east, central and southern Africa regions positions SDC to be your company's business partner/representative on the ground. Our core service is to accord you exposure to the right knowledge, the network of people, and the right opportunities. Simba Development Consultants' specific functions include the role and performance of a liaison office such as to : 

  • Act as a coordinator for the overseas company's activities in east Africa and the wider region
  • Prepare preliminary situational analyses including: the prevailing investment climate, licensing requirements, legal procedures, etc.
  • Conduct research/studies and provide data and promotional materials to potential clients or trading partners
  • Provide customized market insights
  • Actively search for key partners, distributors, investors or investees
  • Identify sales leads, and set up meetings with decision makers/matchmaking
  • Boost international negotiation and sealing of partnership/sales agreements
  • Manage your relations with your partners in the region
  • Locally represent and market the overseas company at local/regional events so as to promote its activities through PR strategies and corporate lobbying activities.